Angela and Myles

What a sweet family I was able to spend the day with on December 17th! Angela and Myles united as one with her Dad officiating the ceremony. I could tell that there was a complete joy over both families that these two found each other. I hope to work with them again in the near future.

Congratulations to you both!

With This Ring…

That’s right folks! I am engaged. It is amazing that no matter who I ask, most everyone’s first questions is “who will be your photographer?” I haven’t quite decided, I don’t even have a date set. However, I can assure you that whoever it is will be wonderful.

His name is Nick Kitten, and yes, he is related to whatever Kitten you know, although it might be distant. We are going to my grandmother’s home tomorrow night. They are having a Christmas feast for all of the residents and we are going to tell her then. Most of the time she really doesn’t know who everyone is, but that is ok! That just means that I will get to tell her the joyous news again and again!

The Simon household

This is me and my wonderful dog Sasha. I love this picture. She makes me so happy. I wonder how she continues to love me even when I leave her outside in the cold weather.

She is going to have a big scare in store for her on Saturday. That is the annual Christmas Party at my casa. I know that she wonders why I bring all of those people into her house. Poor thing, what a hard life she leads.