I have so many posts to catch up on! Amanda, Megan, Laurie and everyone else…I promise that they will be posted soon!

I am teaching a May-mester photography class this month at Tech and I am so excited to meet all of my students! This is the most fun I have all year! It is a basic photography class and the students really learn from the ground up.

I take them out one say to teach them how to shoot portraits, the only catch is that I need models! This is a great opportunity to get a free portrait sitting for you. I will be shooting too, so all of my pictures will be on my website.

E-mail me before May 7th if you want to be a model!

Will Hellman’s Senior Session

I am so glad that Jennifer Simek told these wonderful people about me! They were such a pleasure to meet. Will is an Eagle Scout and boy, does it show. He volunteers at the Wildlife Refuge here in Lubbock. Don’t worry, I didn’t know about it either, but everyone needs to go! It is absolutely amazing!

Will gets to handle the birds and he has guts! Their claws are so big, I was glad that he held them and not me!

Good luck, Will, I know that you will love Washington and college!

Congratulations on everything! Mr. and Mrs. Hellman, congratulations on such a great son!

Here are a few of my favorites…

Pre-Nuptial Bliss Contest

I hate essay questions so I will apologize in advance. This contest is especially for those looking for a wedding photographer. Weddings get expensive, so why not get quality for free?

Yes, you read right. I said free. Just tell me why. I hate when I hear about someone who didn’t have a photographer simply because money was tight. E-mail or mail me a letter why you or someone you know is deserving of free wedding photography.

Of course, there are strings attached. The most important is that I have to have your date open. If I do not, I will e-mail you and let you know. If your date is not set in stone, please let me know that as well. The other string is that this does not include transportation, so if you live in New York, write a great letter and check out airfare. I bet it will be less than a NYC photographer.

The contest is open until May 30th. The winner will be announced on the blog in June right after I call the writer and the winner.

Feel free to write in for yourself, your family member or your friend! Talk about a wonderful start to a wonderful wedding!

Happy I do’s!

Post Nuptial Bliss Contest

I have photographed some absolutely beautiful weddings. I tell all of my clients that you can’t beat a job where everyone that you deal with while working is happy. The brides are breathtaking, the grooms are excited and the mothers, well, they are usually full of tears.

This is another one of my big contests! For all of the brides and their families, I have designed this just for you. It is simple; tell all of your friends to book with me. I don’t care how far off their wedding is or if they want their family pictures done a year from now.

Here is how it works. You will get points for everyone that books and pays a deposit. Families, get ready to play together because you can pool your points as long as you tell me a single name advance! For every wedding that I book, you will recieve 3 points and for every sitting that I book you will receive one point. The game starts now and will end May 25th.

The person who books will have to tell me the name that the credit goes towards. After they state that name, the credit cannot be given to anyone else. This would be a great way for the families to get together and get the newlyweds a great gift!

So, what will you win and is it really worth all of the effort? Of course it is! You will receive a digital album custom designed from your wedding photographs! Start calling your friends and give them the web address because these weeks will fly by in a hurry!

Happy Nuptials!

Sit Ubu, Sit Contest

Poor Sasha! She won’t know what to do when I get married and she is not number one in my life. My dog is everything to me. I went to the pound when I bought my house and we have been inseparable ever since.

I know that I am not the only one who feels this way! E-mail me a picture of your dog to The person with the dog that most closely resembles mine will win a free sitting with their dog. Judging will take place May 2, 2006. Yes, I will post a picture of both Sasha and the winning dog on the blog.

Entries will be taken from now until May 1, 2006. So find that great picture of your dog and send it in!

Happy Hunting (or sitting, or staying, or speaking…)!

On another note, here are the contests that are still open, so start entering!
Hide and Go Seek
La, a Note to follow So
Congratulations Graduate (always open because there can be more than one winner!)
Word of Mouth

Ralls Prom 2006

What a great night I had Saturday! I guess this is the closest I will get to being able to go back to prom! Everyone looked so great; the girls dresses were absolutely stunning and all of the men looked so handsome.

After dinner they all released balloons with their “one wish” on it. What a great idea! So, if a black or gold balloon lands in your yard, you will know exactly where it came from.

Good luck everyone! And when you need senior pictures, let me know that you were at the Ralls Prom 2006 and I will make sure that you get a very special price and gift.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Ralls Prom This Saturday!

Ralls will be holding their annual Junior/Senior Prom this Saturday, April 8. This year it will be hosted at the Frazier Alumni Pavilion on the Texas Tech Campus. I am so excited because I get to be there to photograph the entire event! Don’t worry, I will post pictures on the blog.

Students at Ralls – I am so excited to meet you all! I have been talking to Mrs. Stewart and we think that this is going to be one of the best prom’s ever. If you are interested in purchasing pictures, you can do that at prom and they will be delivered to the school. If you do not purchase them at prom, you can purchase them on my website, but the price will be higher and I will have to charge shipping.

I can take cash and checks made payable to Savant Photography at prom and credit cards on the internet. You can choose from five packages and custom design them.
The packages are:
A-Includes all choices – $60.00
B -Includes 4 choices – $52.00
C-Includes 3 choices – $40.00
D-Includes 2 choices – $24.00
E-Includes 1 choice – $15.00

Your choices are:
* (1) 8×10
* (2) 5×7’s
* (4) 4×5’s
* (8) wallets or
* (16) mini’s (half the size of a wallet)

They will all be of the same picture.

Be the first person to print this off and bring it to me at prom and receive Package C, a $40.00 value for free!

And, don’t forget to pick up your coupon for discounted Senior Portraits! See you Saturday!

Tucker the Great

You might not know who you are looking at, but this is Tucker. Remember that. He will soon be the quarterback for Tech. Well, in about 19 years.

Tucker is three months old and as you can see, he is the newest addition to an already beautiful family. I have never photographed a more well behaved 3 month old in my life. Oh, granted he didn’t like the clothes changes, but as soon as he was snapped up, he was ready to get snapped by me.

Tucker, I cannot wait to have another date with you. I hope that I get to watch you grow into a beautiful, um, I mean handsome young man. I hope I get to photograph you and your Mom and Dad many more times.

And, when you are the quarterback of Tech, don’t forget about me when you are handing out field passes.

Expect the Unexpected Contest

Congratulations to every expectant mom out there! What a wonderful time in your life. No matter if it is your first or sixth, the amazement of this miracle could never be less rewarding. For nine months of total devotion to your child, I would like to offer you a baby gift that they will never outgrow.

Be the 5th person to respond to this posting through the “say hello” page on my website and receive a “Mom to be Package.” This includes a private session in my studio or at the location of your choice to photograph you in your glowing beauty. It will also include online viewing complete with a password so that only those that you would like to see will be able to view the photographs.

Please use the subject line “Expecting Package” and include all of your information in the body of the e-mail.

Happy Pregnancy!