Introducing Mrs. Kitty!

Cassie, Me and Amy relaxing Thursday afternoon

I have seen it all. Every type of wedding in every setting, and I would always dream about mine. Well, it finally happened. July 15 I made a promise to Nicholas Kitten, until death do us part. The entire day was wonderful! We left the next day for Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and came back to Lubbock late Saturday.

Thank you all for understanding why your phone calls were not answered! Savant is back up and running and ready to shoot. I haven’t even looked at the pictures on my camera from the honeymoon, but I will post them soon. Amy, one of my best friends from High School flew in from Houston and was ready to help so I gave her a crash course in program mode on my camera and she carried it everywhere! The beauty shop on Thursday, dinner, the night out when everyone got here and all day Friday! I can’t wait to see what she captured! Here are a few pictures that my friends have e-mailed me. When I look at all of mine, I promise to let you see a few.

My Bridesmaids, Jennifer, Anna and Angie at Abuleo’s Thursday night

after the entire wedding party got into town.

Me, Jennifer and Anna

Cassie and Anna at Melt Thursday night. I do believe they have the best food in Lubbock. Thanks, Stone!

My great Maid of Honor driving me and the gang to Rehersal Dinner

after rehersal at the church.

The engraving on the glasses looked great!

I will post more later!

Susan and Casey Green

What a blessing it is to know this couple! I think that everyone should hear the story of how they met. I have to be honest, it was really hard to do my job today. Between the boys having fun and me crying at the beauty of the day and the love between the couple, it was all I could do to not get lost in the moment. Here are some of my favorites! To view all of their photographs, click here.

Casey and Susan, I will see you next Saturday at your homecoming party, or as some have called it, my wedding!