First Impressions

I photographed the Church family earlier in the week. I pulled up to one of my favorite places and my jaw dropped. I suddenly remembered that I had not put my cards in my camera! This had never happened before! What were they going to think? What was I going to say?

Well, I said I forgot my cards and I will be right back and the first thing that they thought was “drive safe, don’t rush.”

This might be one of the nicest families I have ever photographed. Wina Church called me because I photographed her daughter before. If you will remember back in May I taught a photography course and Jessica brought her roommate to be one of the models. Here she is again!

There is big news going on in the church household, from trips to ASU to their everyday fun life. I can’t wait for you to come over for your viewing, as for now, here is a sneak peak!

Cade William Swadener

LaShawn and Mark welcomed their first creation into the world at noon time on Monday. I have never seen a woman more beautiful than LaShawn looked that day-both before and after! And Mark; I was beginning to wonder if that smile was painted on! He is such a proud Papa and loving husband.

For those of you who did not get to welcome him into the world, here are a few pictures. I will post all of the pictures on my website tonight.

As for now, I have to go up to Tech to discuss the classes that I am teaching starting on Monday-I can’t wait!

Welcome home, Cade. I can’t wait to see you again!

In Jail for MDA

I was served with a warrant a few weeks ago and today I turned myself in. I went to jail this afternoon for MDA. The entire time I was there I was making phone calls for my bail. Thank you to all of you who helped!

So, if you tried to contact me today, this is why I was unavailable. I will be going through voicemails and e-mails late tonight. I am going to shoot Katie Sander’s bridals, which have already been cancelled once. This time we have decided to shoot them inside, which is great because it is raining again!

Yea for the rain! I know Nick will come home very happy if the rain made it out to his farms. Everyone pray!

Here are a few more pictures of my jail time.

LaShawn and Cade

I know what you are going to say…Cade is a little hidden in these pictures! But I promise you will be able to see him soon. He should be here on August 21, although there are a few pools that say he will be here earlier. I cannot wait to photograph Cade in the nursery that LaShawn and Mark put together for him. It is absolutely adorable!

The first and last images are my favorite. To see all of the images, ask LaShawn for the password!