Audrey and Alec

You will probably be seeing more of this little guy! This is the newest addition to our family, Alec Daniel. Audrey adopted Alec from Russia. I think that it takes a very special person to go through everything that she went through to see your dreams come to fruition. Here are some of my favorites.

Marri Hill…I mean Criswell!

Marri and I went to Junior High and High School together. We lost touch during college until Ashley (another HS friend) found me and told Shawna (another HS friend) to hire me as her wedding photographer. Well, in May I was reunited with all of these beautiful people.

Marri had little Brady a week or so after this session. Here are a few that she doesn’t mind the whole world seeing. Remember, if you join Savant Kids, the maternity portrait sitting is absolutely free. There are also lots of other wonderful discounts and gifts. Call today with any of your questions.

The Archives

I have decided that I am going to post something from every event on my computer before I put it in the archives. These are from Ada Mae’s Christmas.

Ada Mae is Nick’s paternal grandmother and she is so extremely wonderful. She and her husband Travis have a Christmas every year for the Kitten’s. Last year was my first and this year I felt like a seasoned pro! Mainly because the men weren’t teasing me. Christmas ’05 they felt that it was their duty to pick on the new girl. It is funny now, but I have to admit that I was a little bit scared that I was going to have to lead the Christmas Carols! I am so glad it was all a joke!

Ada Mae has brought 8 children into this world. Between them, their spouses, children and grandchildren, there are 88 people (I think that is right). Can you imagine! Anyway, here are a few snaps from Ada Mae’s!

Glenda is a great videographer!

Elliot with his new toy from Great Grandma!

Alex and Laura Rose with thier new purses.

Shawn, the ring leader of all practical jokes aimed at me, or anyone for that matter!

Timothy and Carrie

Amy with Santa’s Underwear!

Laura Rose and Alex

Grandma Ada Mae with a few of her great-grand-girls

Ada Mae with all of her great grand children that could make it to Christmas!

The newest addition to the family, Isaac Kitten

The young Mr. Davis

If any of you that were there would like the images, just e-mail or call me and I will make you a CD. See you next year!

Remember the Alamo

We are still here. The roads are still closed and we still can’t get home. I miss home. But, today we finally ventured out with our cameras. The Alamo is right next door and we are staying on foot, so that is where we went. Here are a few. They are straight out of the camera and only using available light.

Cabin (Hotel) Fever

No matter where you are in the country, I am sure you have heard the news. We are getting one of the worst winter storms in history; and my friend Jennifer from Jennifer Beecher Photography and I are stuck in the middle of it.

That’s right. I should have been home tonight, but instead we are sitting in our hotel room with no where to go. Everything is closed down, even the Alamo.

So, feel free to call me, but I will not be returning e-mails until I get back to Lubbock. I would love to conference with you on the phone!

IF YOU HAVE AN APPOINTMENT THIS WEEK: I have tried to call everyone that has a booking, but have not gotten in touch with everyone. Please call me so that we can reschedule your appointment. Chances are that we will not be able to drive tomorrow either.

If you are feeling friendly, take some homemade cookies to Nick. He has been a bachelor since Friday! I can’t wait to get home…I miss him so much!

I am sorry there are no images. I hate posting without images. However, our hotel room is not that exciting.

FYI: we are now trying to find food. Everything is closed. No Subway, no pizza place, they have shut the town down. All businesses downtown were told to close at 6 at the latest. Most places in the Riverside Mall didn’t even open today. We had Chinese food for lunch and lots of left-overs, so we set them on the balcony so we could have dinner in case this happened. Yes, balconies work very well as refrigerator!

Pray for those on the road and stay safe and warm!

Customers Beware!

I am in San Antonio and have learned and seen so much! I can’t wait to get back to Lubbock and share it all with you. I have met so many wonderful photographers and seen so much wonderful work! If you have been e-mailing me, I will return your e-mail on Wednesday.

On another note, spread the word about my blog. Tell all of your friends to go to often. It is almost time for the annual Savant Contests where you can win anything from free prints to a free wedding! But remember, time is of the essence, so I will see you back here at the blog soon!

Melanie’s Family

Melanie called me months ago to arrange a photo shoot the Friday before Christmas. Although I was officially closed, I couldn’t say no knowing that her brother had come in for the holidays all the way from Japan! We had so much fun together during our shoot. Here are a few of my favorites!

Breckenridge, 2006

Can you tell we had fun! Melody, Joaquin, Nick and I all went up to Breckenridge to ski. We left on the 26th and got back on the 1st. It was a long drive involving lots of detours.

The whole trip was designed for one little word.
As in “yes, I will marry you.”

Congratulations guys, Nick and I are so happy.

Joaquin, please don’t ever make me keep a secret like that for so long again! I almost exploded. Anyway, here are a few snaps!

Joaquin bought a new camera so I taught him how to be a photographer. This is his new gear.

A rousing game of candy Land and a bottle of COCO on New Year’s Eve. What is better than that? WE were too sore from snowboarding to go anywhere.

The fire that Juaq and I practiced our metering on.

Our timed exposure…

Their first engagement picture. I hope we do it again soon!

One more day of Vacation

My vacation is almost over. Savant reopens tomorrow morning. Thank you all so much for giving me a little break and time with my family.

We arrived back in Lubbock at about 11:00 last night. We went to Colorado and now I can snowboard! Well, not until all of my bumps and bruises heal, but next year I will be on the half pipe! Ok, maybe not next year.

I have decided that the Christmas season is not over in our house. I want to keep celebrating. Not Santa or the gifts or even the cookies, but the real reason. Therefore, our tree is not coming down until after epiphany.

I have also thought of a few new year’s resolutions:

*Do not unnecessarily work at night when Nick is home.
*Blog on time, at least every other day.
*Update my website images more often.
*Take fun pictures. Sometimes it is hard for me to pick my camera up during vacation or family time. I need to be better at this!
*Lose XXX pounds. I don’t really want to tell the world the exact amount.
*Cook more, eat out less.
*Keep up with my accounting books and other organizational conundrums I get myself into.
*Talk to my friends more and computer less.
*Keep up with my Bible reading on my own, not just with my Bible Study group.
*Set boundaries so I can work less and play more! This comes from my mom and dad telling me for the past 7 years that I am “burning my candle at both ends.” Look guys! I really do listen to you two!

So in the next few weeks I will catch up with my blogging, not necessarily in the order that I took the images, but instead, the order that I put them on CD, since I need to clean off my hard drive.

A few other notes:

CALL BY FRIDAY TO RECEIVE 2006 PRICES. Since I was out of town, I am extending the deadline. Please call tomorrow, Thursday or Friday as I am still on vacation today.

E-MAIL ME ON MY BIRTHDAY AND RECEIVE A FREE SITTING. Email “Happy Birthday Leslie, give me a present!” on my birthday and you will recieve a free mini session, great for families, kids, seniors maternity and more. This is not good to use for Bridals or engagements. When is my birthday…I am not telling.

SIGN UP TO RECEIVE NEWSLETTERS AND COUPONS. The January newsletter will be a few days late. Sorry guys. If you do not recieve the newsletter, full of coupons, recipes, facts, testimonials and a section for guys, e-mail me at leslie@savantphotography with your full name, e-mail address and (if applicable) any type of photography that you might be interested in for the near future, ie., wedding or baby.

I WANT A NEW TAG LINE. Be thinking… There just might be a contest coming soon!

I hope everyone had a happy and safe New Year!