Cabin (Hotel) Fever

No matter where you are in the country, I am sure you have heard the news. We are getting one of the worst winter storms in history; and my friend Jennifer from Jennifer Beecher Photography and I are stuck in the middle of it.

That’s right. I should have been home tonight, but instead we are sitting in our hotel room with no where to go. Everything is closed down, even the Alamo.

So, feel free to call me, but I will not be returning e-mails until I get back to Lubbock. I would love to conference with you on the phone!

IF YOU HAVE AN APPOINTMENT THIS WEEK: I have tried to call everyone that has a booking, but have not gotten in touch with everyone. Please call me so that we can reschedule your appointment. Chances are that we will not be able to drive tomorrow either.

If you are feeling friendly, take some homemade cookies to Nick. He has been a bachelor since Friday! I can’t wait to get home…I miss him so much!

I am sorry there are no images. I hate posting without images. However, our hotel room is not that exciting.

FYI: we are now trying to find food. Everything is closed. No Subway, no pizza place, they have shut the town down. All businesses downtown were told to close at 6 at the latest. Most places in the Riverside Mall didn’t even open today. We had Chinese food for lunch and lots of left-overs, so we set them on the balcony so we could have dinner in case this happened. Yes, balconies work very well as refrigerator!

Pray for those on the road and stay safe and warm!

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