The Archives

I have decided that I am going to post something from every event on my computer before I put it in the archives. These are from Ada Mae’s Christmas.

Ada Mae is Nick’s paternal grandmother and she is so extremely wonderful. She and her husband Travis have a Christmas every year for the Kitten’s. Last year was my first and this year I felt like a seasoned pro! Mainly because the men weren’t teasing me. Christmas ’05 they felt that it was their duty to pick on the new girl. It is funny now, but I have to admit that I was a little bit scared that I was going to have to lead the Christmas Carols! I am so glad it was all a joke!

Ada Mae has brought 8 children into this world. Between them, their spouses, children and grandchildren, there are 88 people (I think that is right). Can you imagine! Anyway, here are a few snaps from Ada Mae’s!

Glenda is a great videographer!

Elliot with his new toy from Great Grandma!

Alex and Laura Rose with thier new purses.

Shawn, the ring leader of all practical jokes aimed at me, or anyone for that matter!

Timothy and Carrie

Amy with Santa’s Underwear!

Laura Rose and Alex

Grandma Ada Mae with a few of her great-grand-girls

Ada Mae with all of her great grand children that could make it to Christmas!

The newest addition to the family, Isaac Kitten

The young Mr. Davis

If any of you that were there would like the images, just e-mail or call me and I will make you a CD. See you next year!

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