Derrick is the son of my friend Brandee. Brandee and Damon are getting married in June and Damon was the best man in my wedding. Derrick is on his way to Puerto Rico for a baseball camp. He is an awesome baseball player and this camp is one that baseball players must be invited to attend. We are very proud of him! So, we decided to make him a few baseball cards. Here are a few of the images.

Jake and Jud

Have you ever seen to more beautiful boys. Jake and Jud and I went out and had a very fun play-date. Mom brought the gummy bears and did the best job I have ever seen getting them to laugh and smile.

To all you dads out there with little girls, lock them up in about 10 years because these boys are amazingly handsome.

Mark & Tara

Only days left until Tara becomes Mrs. Miller! They are getting married April 21st of this year. Both of them are Techsans to the core! Next time you come to visit me, be sure to ask to see their custom designed guest book full of their engagement pictures. Here are a few of my favorites. To view them all click here. To view the pages of there guestbook click here.

Come Check Us Out at Bodyworks

Bodyworks for Women 5715 82nd street is having an event called “No Boys Allowed” on April 14th from 1-4pm. This event is for women only and will have a lot of booths featuring items and services that women love. It will be a day of fashion, food, freebies, and FUN! Come check out Savant Photography’s booth! Their might be something in it for you!

Mary Myers

Mary & I have been friends for a long time. We went to a couple of new spots. She was awesome! She created her own poses a couple of time, climbed a few things…all in some really great wedge heels! We also went to some of my old favorites such as the yellow garage door and the train.