Old Family Photos

Leslie Curtis Crews, my grandfather, owned two stores on what is now either Slide Rd or the town Slide. I can’t remember what my great Aunt Nelda told me. The names of the stores were Crews Grocery Store and Help U Selfv Laundry. The slogan for one of the stores was “With Crews U Won’t Lose!” Pretty good for that time, uh? I thought so. Well, I found some old pictures of the stores and wanted to share them with you. Here are a few of my favorites.

Meet Leah and Andrew

You know how you meet a couple and you just know that they are going to be together forever? Well, this is that couple. They are so sweet and he is such a gentleman to her. I don’t think that she opened a car door once while we were out shooting.

Despite a few misplaced backdrops around the city and a little run in with a police officer, we got some great shots.

Leah, call me to schedule a time to view them all!

Here are my favorites…

Damon and Brandee

You might recognize one of these faces. Damon was the best man in our wedding. Damon and Nick have been friends for quite a long time. When I married Nick, Damon was right there. He is almost a part of the family.

Damon and Brandee are getting married in June. They will say “I Do” at the Baker Building.

I hope you both enjoy the images. I hope that when you are growing old together, you will want to show them to your grandchildren and “say look at us then!”

Brandee, I can’t wait until your bridals; Damon, I can’t wait to see you in a tux again.
Come back in June to view all of their wedding pics. As for now, here are a few of my faves from the e-session.

Amanda and Doug

Amanda and Doug are getting married in July and I am so excited about this wedding. I know that, if it is anything like their personalities, it will be a blast. These two are fun and funny and great to be around.

We went to a few of the great places and a few new places. We went to two of the old favorite places and the “props” had been taken away. I guess that it is time to go searching again.

Get on the blog and website in a couple of months to view the bridals and the super great wedding, which will be held at the Watson Building.

Here are my faves…

Happy Mother’s Day

Meet one of the best mother-daughter combos in the world. They feed off each other, they live for each other and they sure make each other laugh.

This is Angie and Mrs. de Pageler. I drove down to Midland to photograph the dynamic duo. Angie flew in from DC and her mom greeted us both with a big hug.

I know that some of you are still waiting for your blog post, but I thought this was way too fitting for Mother’s Day.

To all the mothers from all the daughters, thanks. Where would we be without your guidance and love?

Happy Mother’s Day!

CLICK HERE to view the rest of the Pageler’s pictures.

Sweet Kimmie

Kim Strouble and I have been friends since I walked into her dorm room while she was brushing her teeth. I couldn’t hold out anymore. I had to introduce myself. We have shared boyfriend trouble, houses and even birthday cakes made out of one Oreo and a candle because we were too poor for anything else.

It is so great to have a friend like this.

She asked me to come to Dallas to do a shoot and of course the answer was yes! It has taken me so long to post these because there were so many great ones. Here are my top few. There are many great ones to come!

Jessica & Aaron

Hey everyone! Sorry it has been so long since I posted! I have been out of town for the majority of April. I will be home for at least 3 weeks before another road trip for Melody’s bridals.

Here is the cutest couple ever, Jessica and Aaron.

We had so much fun! They have 2 cute dogs name Bagel and Cream Cheese aka C.C. We went to a lot of different spots. We even went to the beautiful St. Paul’s Church where they will be getting married. They are going to get married on August 4th. So, be sure to check back for their wedding pictures because as much as they were, I’m sure their wedding pictures will be great!