Take a Guess!

Yup! Nick and I are expecting. This coming Friday will be the beginning of my 8th week. These pictures are from the ultrasound I had last week.

In the picture above, the cross hairs go from the baby’s head to tail. It was .57 cm long at this time.

So, I have decided to do a fun new promotion!

GUESS THE SEX OF MY BABY AND GET A FREE SITTING. That is right, if you guess the sex of my baby, you get a free sitting next April or May.

Anyone who guesses right will get a free sitting, it is simple as that. So, I could be giving away thousands of sittings! (Travel fees are not included.)

There can only be one guess per person and if you guess a boy and a girl, then there better be twins in there!

Just e-mail your name, address, e-mail address and phone number to me at leslie@savantphotography.com.

Remember, comments on the blog are always welcome!

The funny looking lines are the heartbeat.


A catastrophe has hit Savant Photography.

My calendar, all of my e-mails before Friday, and all of my contacts have been erased.So, if you had an appointment with me, please e-mail me and let me know when and where and I will get it back on the books.

Please e-mail me your birthday, anniversary and contact information as well. Thanks for your help!

Leslie News

Nick and I just got back from his family reunion in Fredericksburg. It was so much fun, although it did rain most of the time we were there.

I am trying to get back into work mode, but have a few things to tell everyone!

Nick and I celebrated our one year anniversary on the 15th of July! We are so excited.

That week held even more exciting news. We are expecting!!! We found out on Wednesday, July 11th. We don’t know much more, but we will keep you posted.

What does this mean for Savant? It means that I will not be doing any sort of photography in late March and early April. I know that this seems like a long time away, but it isn’t. If you wait to schedule an appointment, I will more than likely be booked.

The fall is extremely busy anyway, so book now to avoid that rush and to get your prints in half the time. If you are needing Christmas cards or Christmas gifts, call now before I run out of time. Yes, it is only July, but have you been to Hobby Lobby yet? They are all decked out for Christmas.

Another reason to order now is that PRINT PRICES WILL BE RAISING soon! As of September 1, there will be a small increase in print prices. So, if you are planning on ordering anything for yourself or anyone else, now is the time to do it!

So book today before time (and availability) runs out!

Aimee and Her Boys

Aimee and her boys are from California. They were recently in a wedding that I photographed and when she got back to California, called me to schedule a family sitting time. She said that she has not had family portraits since her youngest, Micheal, was 6 months old.
I think that it was about time, don’t you?

Here are a few of my favorites.

My Friend Angie

So I was reading my friends very interesting blog and I noticed that Savant is on the side as one of her favorite links. This is my friend Angie.

Angie and I have known each other since the Science Club Trip of 1993. We went to junior high and high school together in Midland and she was my college roommate.

My friend Angie should be a writer. She should have her voice heard across the world. She should execute her ideas by delegating who will work for her in what capacity. She should make a difference. Instead, she is in D.C.

If you would like to hear some ideas that you will agree with, read her blog. She is not politically correct, but instead, states what everyone wants to say but does not say in an intelligent fashion, therefor, is not listened to what so ever.

So, read her blog. Do it daily and enjoy it. Maybe one day you will be able to make it to her book signing. A book signing in West Texas, where people really listen.

Hoots and Lemons

Saturday, after our very long garage sale, I was able to photograph John and Morgan Hoot and their son, Jackson and Morgan’s grandmother and parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lemon.

What a beautiful family! They are Slaton people and I had the pleasure of meeting Morgan for the first time when Nick took me as his date for his class reunion. Actually, it was a bunch of people meeting at Wild Wings.

Morgan was in town from Austin and I am so glad that we got to to the portrait session that we have been talking about for so long! Here are my favorites!

To view them all, click here.

My Friend Won!

Check out Jennifer Beecher Photography. She is my best friend, was my maid of honor, is a great traveling partner and knows all of my secrets. She is located in Amarillo and just won a BluDomain contest. See her winning image by clicking here or just look at the picture in this post. Check out her website (which will soon be a BluDomain website) at http://www.jenniferbeecherphotography.com/.

The picture is depicting 5 things that she can’t live without. Isn’t Trampus adorable? I love that dog.

Congrats Jenn!