Jessica and Brian

How cute are they?!?! Jessica and Brian are getting married in December in Sterling City. I think that Sterling is the prettiest little town and I can’t wait to go there for their wedding. Here are a few engagements. Jessica’s bridals are so beautiful, but you will have to wait until the new year to see those! Here are a few engagements. I will post all of them later.

The Sessums

Trevor and Lauren were married a couple of Saturdays ago. Sorry I am so far behind on posting, but I promise that the end is near! I think that I am almost caught up. Click here to view all of their photographs. And remember, leave comments; I love to see who has been here!

These two pictures are of Dad trying to embarrass his daughter. I think he succeeded!

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2. Guess the correct birthday of the baby and get $100 gift certificate to Savant.

3. Get 1% off your next order for each full name you send in (up to 10%).

Remember, these contests can end at any time, depending on when the baby comes and when we find out the sex. So, send your e-mails to

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My Friends

I thought I would show off three of my talented friends. Here are a few photographs I took of these wonderful girls!

You can tell a lot about Tonya’s personality from this image. She might be one of the most fun people that I know. She laughs and plays jokes on everyone and is a great partner to have a margarita with.

This is Cyndi. She is my maternity/baby mentor. She is good. I mean really good.

This is Terri. I think that she knows more about Photoshop than Adobe does. If she wanted to make a quick million, she would teach the world what she knows about the program.