Jordanna and Carlos

I had so much fun with these two. We met as we pulled up to our first location and it felt like we had known each other for quite a while. here are a few of my favorites, I look foward to seeing you both again!
FYI- This is the first time I have been able to get pictures to upload since my last post. I will be posting more soon!

The Future Miss Rodeo Sand Hills

I hope I said that right! Rachel is going to be the future Miss RSH. Ok, so they haven’t had the competition and she doesn’t know if she will win or not, but I have full confidence in her.

The copetition and rodeo are held in Odessa. I went to that rodeo once or twice when I lived in Midland, and I remember really wanting to be the girl who got to carry around the flag and parade on the horse. Good luck Miss Rachel!
To view all of her images, click here.

Did You Read Monday’s Paper?

Look at the cover page and see what I have been up to! The Heart Gallery is a conglomeration of portraits of children in need of families. It has been my pleasure to volunteer with this organization.

You can learn more about the Heart Gallery and adopting children by reading the article.
On a side note, I really want to thank an anonymous lady who left a voice mail for me either yesterday or today. I really appreciate you taking the time to call me and leave me such a wonderful thank you message. It really brightened my day. I hope to get to meet you soon!

I’m Back

I am back and hopefully, so is my blogging. I have been sick, so if you are waiting on a blog post, hopefully it will be coming soon. If you are waiting on a phone call or e-mail, I am trying to return all of those as well.

I still get really tired really quickly, but I am feeling better, so hopefully Savant will be up and running as usual very soon!