Whitney and Adam – Perryton, Texas

I go to alot of weddings. Really, I have seen most everything done, from traditional to the eccentric. However, this wedding was like no other I have ever seen! From the decorations to the guests, everything was perfect and happy.
I also get a little hardened at weddings. Sometimes I am so wrapped up in photographing the wedding, that I forget that we are going before God to bring two people together.
There was no way that I could forget at this wedding. I cried right along with the couple and their family. Sometimes you just know; you know that it is really going to last forever.
Congrats to both of you!
You can see all of their images at my website. Just click on “ordering” and enter their last name or click on “featured galleries” to see the highlights.

My Stress Relief

How can you not love life when you wake up to a smile like that?

I know that there are so many of you that are waiting for your images to be blogged and posted online. Please don’t think that I have forgotten about you.

Whitney and Adam, you are next.

It takes a long time to edit all of the images and it is very easy to get behind when you have so many weddings in a row.

Please don’t think that I am making excuses! Just know that I am on my computer editing away.

Here are a few of sweet Georgia. These were taken while I was waiting for a client in a park. These pictures are especially for Aunt Angie, who is walking across Europe as we speak. I am so jealous and living vicariously through her blog.

See Aunt Angie, she loves her new shirt!