The End of an Era

Something very sad happened right before Georgia’s first Christmas. My grandmother went to join her husband in heaven. It is very sad, as I am sure most of you know and it just feels like a part of my life is gone with her.

I have decided to spend this time with my family. Therefore, Savant Photography will be closed until January 4. I will be checking my voicemail, but will not be near my calendar or my e-mail for a while.

We will be taking her back to our home town, Ruidoso, New Mexico.

Say a prayer for my family, but before you do that, be sure to give a kiss to all of those that are close to you! What a blessed life we lead when we have people that we love.

Guess what I’m doing today?

I have been hired and given a floor pass to photograph the Texas Tech Graduate School’s graduation ceremony. Normally, this might seem boring to you, however, today, the guest speaker is none other than John McCain. I don’t care if you share my political views or not, that is pretty darn cool that I get to photograph him up close and personal. My goal is to have my picture taken with him, so we will see how that goes. I am super excited and will keep you all updated!

Merry Christmas to me!