Devault Floral and the Heart Ball

If you ever need a florist, Devault is the place to call.  Not only does Nick make one simple phone call and gets the best arrangements for me, but they also do wonderful events.  Weddings, Galas, and any other event will really shine once Cory puts her touch on it!

Like them on facebook, call them for a delivery, or check out their website.

The Bolt Bin [Lubbock, Texas Commercial Photographer]

I had never been to The Bolt Bin before being asked to photograph the owners, but I am sure that my husband, being a farmer, goes there all the time.  The people are so wonderful!  So, if you ever need a bolt or countless other things for repairing, making, and doing please support this wonderful local business.

Lubbock Bolt Bin
4029 Ave A
Lubbock, TX 79404
ph: 806-762-2658
fax: 806-762-2660

Growing Like a Weed [Lubbock Baby Photographer]

And he is even bigger now.  These portraits were taken on February 16, Ethan’s two month birthday.   I always tell my clients, scheduling a day to look at your portraits is not nearly as important as capturing the images at a certain time, before that moment escapes.  Obviously, that goes for me, as well.  If I can just make sure the images are taken at the right time, then I will always have them down the road.  As for my family and friends, well, my blog will have to do.  I am almost positive that I won’t get these mailed out for a few months.

Do you like my sweet little helper.  She will hardly leave Ethan’s side.  Georgia is already a good mother.

Yes, this is still Ethan.  Yes, he is a boy.  No, I do not normally put him in dresses.   This Baptismal gown has been passed down on the Simon side of my family for generations.  My grandmother, Nanny Pat, more than likely her siblings, as well as my father, my sister, myself, Georgia, and now Ethan have all been dedicated to our Lord, through both Baptisms and Christianings while wearing this garment.  It is getting threadbare, but means so much to our family.

Time Flies [Lubbock Mom Speaks]

You know the saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun.”  I have a few things to add to that:

Time Flies When:

you laugh with the giggle of your child

you cry when they get their first shot

you get up every hour just to feel their warm breath

you lose sleep with a fever

you see their first smile

you feel like a bad mom for scolding them

you realize your not a bad mom when they say please, thank you and sorry on their own

you forget all of your chores just to cuddle with them all day

The last 3 years have flown.  I love you Georgia June.  Her 3 year portraits will be posted soon. 

The last three months have gone even faster.  Happy 3 month birthday to Ethan, my sweet little man.  His 2 month and 3 month portraits will be up soon.  Hey, at least I took them. And if I had to choose cuddle time or posting to my blog, well, the choice is obvious, isn’t it?