Growing Like a Weed [Lubbock Baby Photographer]

And he is even bigger now.  These portraits were taken on February 16, Ethan’s two month birthday.   I always tell my clients, scheduling a day to look at your portraits is not nearly as important as capturing the images at a certain time, before that moment escapes.  Obviously, that goes for me, as well.  If I can just make sure the images are taken at the right time, then I will always have them down the road.  As for my family and friends, well, my blog will have to do.  I am almost positive that I won’t get these mailed out for a few months.

Do you like my sweet little helper.  She will hardly leave Ethan’s side.  Georgia is already a good mother.

Yes, this is still Ethan.  Yes, he is a boy.  No, I do not normally put him in dresses.   This Baptismal gown has been passed down on the Simon side of my family for generations.  My grandmother, Nanny Pat, more than likely her siblings, as well as my father, my sister, myself, Georgia, and now Ethan have all been dedicated to our Lord, through both Baptisms and Christianings while wearing this garment.  It is getting threadbare, but means so much to our family.

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