Mentor Tech, 2011 [Lubbock, Texas Portrait Photographer]

Every year, I volunteer to take portraits of the graduating class of Mentor Tech Students.  We pick one backdrop and they are all displayed at the event that Texas Tech throws for them.  I can’t even remember how many years I have done this, but I always enjoy getting to know the students!

There will be a few installments.

Tara and Mark

A few years ago (four, I think) I photographed Mark and Tara’s wedding. I always love it when my clients come back to me.

Tara brought little “R” into the studio for Easter Portraits. He was so curious about his surroundings, but we got some really sweet images. Here are the two that Tara picked.

Tomorrow is the day! Limited Edition Easter Portraits


Here are a couple of my children taken on the Easter Set.  I love the simplicity of color and props and the richness of textures.  I wanted to do something “different from what we have seen lately and get back to the old world roots, with a little bit of a twist.  It seems like everything has gotten so different and edgy that I am getting more and more calls for a more classic style.

I can’t believe the response we have had!  But, don’t worry, we will stay late, come early or forget about lunch if you want a spot.  Just e-mail us at  Our phone is on the brink, so that is the best way to get in touch with us fast!