Cassie’s Family [Lubbock Family Photographer]

Cassie and I have been friends for a long time now.  She heard stories about a boy that I was dating and how I thought it was getting serious, she has no siblings but is “”Aunt Cassie” to a certain little blonde, and she and Ben brought me food when Ethan was just hours old.  What is that saying?  We have been friends for so long, that we have no choice now- we know each others secrets!

Here is one from an impromptu session we did when her family was in town.  The next image down is my little helper.  Sorry, Hawkins Family, I know this is your post, but I had to throw that one in of Georgia on your deck.  It looks like she might need a little more training before she is a full blown assistant!

Gloria is Married [Lubbock Bridal Photographer]

It is no secret that I cut back on weddings. With the birth of Georgia and Ethan, I needed to prioritize my time and leave the majority of my weekends free for my family. However, I still love doing engagements and bridals, and with Gloria called I was so thrilled to be able to photograph her. I can finally post an image, now that she is married.

Congratulations! I am so happy for you both!

Jeanette’s Children [Lubbock Children Photographer]

Jeanette had me photograph her two children and two sweet dogs last week.  Aren’t they all cuties?  If you think that the puppies look well taken care of, that is because she is Dr. J, of Above and Beyond Pet Care.  I wouldn’t ever take my animals to anyone but her!  Happy birthday sweet girls, I know your mom and dad will cherish these portraits of their little angels! 




Julie’s Family [Lubbock Family Photographer]

You might recognize the sweet family on the right.  I was able to photograph Shauna’s family a few months back.  These images are for mom.  Julie called and wanted a family portrait, something they haven’t done in quite a while.  So, she gathered her daughters and their husbands and we were able to capture quite a few special images.  Sweet little “A” was a perfect angle.  She must have known how special these images were to her grandmother.