Georgia [Lubbock, Texas Children’s Photographer

Since I was looking through old files the other day, I thought I would share this one of Sweet Georgia. These were her three-year portraits, taken back in March. Instructors of mine, Mary-Fisk Taylor and Jamie Hayes said it best; there is a time in their lives, before they lose the baby curls and the chubby cheeks that you just have to capture. That time is around 18 months. Georgia’s two-year portraits, still resembled that, but now, as a three-year old, I can see her changing into a young girl and the baby qualities disappearing. I really think this (along with tweens) might be the most important age to capture because of all of the changing. And it is nice, to look back on the image and remember all of the growth that Mommy and Daddy went through, too.

Heart Gallery Sisters [Lubbock, Texas Children’s Photographer]

We love what we do. No, seriously. We LOVE what we do. For those of you who might not know this, I am a people person. My parents called me Madame Butterfly from an early age because I loved flitting around the room, talking to as many people as I could. I would, before my age was even in the double digits, go with my grandmother to Woman’s Club bridge parties, because a party is a party, no matter how you slice it. Being able to meet new people everyday and somehow affect their day, hopefully for the best, really makes me happy.

I am pretty sure I am a lousy public speaker. I like to think that I am good, and that I have something that someone, somewhere would like to hear, but truth be told, that probably isn’t the case. With that said, I want to spread my thoughts and beliefs and faith into the hearts of others, but my dreams of being a minister are small. I am thankful for Michael Passmore, because on Sunday, I get to listen to him say everything that somehow I can’t form into words. On a side note, isn’t it crazy how no matter what the preacher is preaching, he is always directly talking to you and referencing what is going on in your life. That is the sign of a good preacher.

So, since everyone is given a different gift, I try to use mine as my ministry, my random act of kindness, my way to give back. The Heart Gallery has allowed me to do both things above; be in contact with new people and volunteer in a way best suited to my gifts.

If you have never seen or heard of the Heart Gallery, check them out. These are wonderful children who are waiting for their forever family. Just look at these sisters. Couldn’t you just hug them and never let go?

Ethan is 8 months [Lubbock, Texas Baby Photographer]

I know, I know, he is over 9 months.  I think that I have just resigned myself to the fact that I won’t be any less than a month behind on my own children’s images.  I am looking at him right now, wondering how the boy in the pictures, became the boy that crawls so fast I can hardly keep up.  He now has two bottom teeth and the top four are coming in.


Everyone says it goes by so fast.  I guess you just have no idea until it actually happens.


See the Difference [Lubbock Texas Bombshell Boudoir Portraits]

It seems as though more and more people are wanting intimate portraits, and with that, of course, come more and more people offering this service.

There is nothing like being a Bombshell.

It is quite nerve-racking, to call a complete stranger and say, “I want to look pretty, and I want you to be there to help me!”  You will notice that you very rarely see anything with our signature Bombshell Portraits displayed.  This is very intentional.  We strive for complete privacy for our clients.  We understand that you are moms, community leaders, church members and volunteers around the community and that you don’t want to “bare all” to anyone who chooses to open up the internet that day.

However, there are many things that set us apart from the competition.  We have won national awards for our bombshell portraits.  We have hair and make-up artists who meet you at the studio.  Since we set up a pre-consultation with you to talk about your needs the week before, the artists know exactly what you are looking for and how you want to be styled.

After your session, we hope that you will find time for a night out on the town, because we know that you will feel so confident with your look.  Before you leave, we will schedule an Investment Session, where you will view all of our favorite images and we will talk about what products fit your needs the best.  Most of our Bombshells enjoy having an album of all of the images and a canvas print.  Some like to have some smaller images or a wall collage for the bedroom.  And yes, we even have requests for wallets, which find their way into the back pocket of a very special someone.

We encourage you to take the afternoon off work, indulge in a bottle of wine while you get pampered at Savant Photography and take in the entire experience.  You will never feel more beautiful than you do as a Bombshell.