Grandma Ada May Recieves Award










Nick’s grandmother Ada May has devoted her life to teaching and loving everyone she is around. She is one of the most kind-hearted, spiritual people who I have ever met. Two Sundays ago she was honored with the Catholic Daughter’s Women of the Year award in Slaton.   No one is more deserving than she. Congratulations Grandma!

Senior 2010 Contest

During the summer months, any senior that is graduating in 2010 that gets their senior portraits taken will be entered into a contest for a $500 scholarship! Spread the word to all your friends, we want to get as many seniors in this contest as possible!

Next Tuesday, Savant needs models for something secret! If any 2010 Seniors are interested in being a model for this surprise, call or e-mail us today!!

Cutest Wedding Couple Winner!

Savant Photography’s Wedding Couple Contest is now over!
With an outstanding number of the votes, the competition was pretty close!
But Whitney and Adam from Perryton, TX pulled out with a win in the end!
Congratulations Whitney and Adam, you will receive a CD of all your wedding images.

Be sure to call Savant Photography to photograph your wedding!

My First Merit!

Unlike a plumber or a CPA, photography is not a licenced profession. Anyone can pick up a camera and say that they are a professional, even if they don’t know what an aperture does or what the correct ratios are.

There are certain things that a photographer can do to set himself above the rest and give the clients peace of mind. The first thing that they can do is get certified. Just like an accountant, we have a test that will make us a “CPA.” Again, it is not required, but if your photographer has passed it, then they really know what they are doing.

We also have degrees. The first is a master’s and then the next level is a craftsman. There are many things that you have to do to get the degree and it usually takes 7 to 10 years to complete one of them. Among other things, you have to enter prints in certain competitions and they get scored by a panel of the best judges in Texas, the Southwest or Nationally (depending on which competition). Each print that scores an 80 or above gets a merit. It is very easy to enter 4 prints and not get a single merit during that competition.

Just recently I decided that I should enter and try to work towards these goal. So last night I came back from Kerrville where I entered for the first time. I also came back with my first merit! I am so excited. This is the print that merited. It is an image of a senior, Kamron, that I took in April. Now I am addicted and ready to enter the next one!

I will be in my office all day today replying to e-mails and phone calls that I recieved while I was gone. The work never ends!

My Friend Won!

Check out Jennifer Beecher Photography. She is my best friend, was my maid of honor, is a great traveling partner and knows all of my secrets. She is located in Amarillo and just won a BluDomain contest. See her winning image by clicking here or just look at the picture in this post. Check out her website (which will soon be a BluDomain website) at

The picture is depicting 5 things that she can’t live without. Isn’t Trampus adorable? I love that dog.

Congrats Jenn!

South Plains Professional Photographers Association

Monday was the March meeting of SPPPA. Bill Weaks came to talk to us. He has been photographing forever so he knows a lot of stuff. Anyway, we have a print competition every month and I decided to enter. Congratulations Jon and Dinah, the print of you two in the sunflower field won 3rd! I am so excited because Mr. Weaks was the judge and he really knows what he is talking about. Here is the picture of all the winners. To check out the great photographers in town, visit If you are a photographer anywhere on the South Plains or in West Texas, come join our group!
The images on today’s blog are courteously of Val Tharp.