Ethan is here

This really isn’t news to anyone, especially if you follow my life on facebook.  However, this is the first chance that I have gotten to post his newborn images, taken at 4 days old.  I am also trying to look at his 1 month images for the first time tonight, but I really don’t think that I am going to get there.

So, six weeks late, let me introduce you to my sweet son, Ethan Lawrence.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Georgia June

One year ago today, I welcomed my first sweet baby into the world. What a wonderful day it was! A year later, I can proudly say that she is the happiest, most well mannered baby that I know. Here are a few images from the last year. Happy Birthday Georgia!

Me, one week before she was born and about 50 pounds ago. When I look at this picture, I wonder how I could even walk. There should have been triplets in there!

The day she was born. We were in the hospital. I am sure I was tired, just like everyone said I would be, but i don’t remember that. I just remember waiting (and getting very impatient!) for them to bring her to the room after her check up.

Nick, 6 days into being a Daddy. I think that he might be the best one around. We had to hold the boots on her feet and now they don’t even fit!

This is probably the picture that, in a few years, she is going to get mad at me for showing. I love this picture because it isn’t very often that she cries.

I had to post this one. This was taken sometime last March. Her and Daddy were watching TV and both falling asleep on the couch. I like this one because the remote is in it and you can see how little she was.

Here are two of our favorite people. Georgia loved Brandon and loved to lay on his shoulder! Come back from Iraq soon! Georgia misses you!

Nick’s very first Father’s Day. Georgia made him breakfast in bed.

Georgia’s first real food, other than rice cereal, was green beans from Aunt Brenda and Uncle Shawn’s garden.

Helping with Aunt Brenda and Uncle Shawn’s Garage Sale.

And here she is; one year old and about to dig into her first taste of sugar. I will post more when I get them ready.

Happy Birthday, Georgia. I love you so much!

Meet the Ladies of Savant!

Today is the day!! Halloween Portraits at Savant Photography are going on until 5 pm. Bring your favorite ghost and goblin to have a spooky portrait shot at Savant!

Meet the Ladies of Savant! From bottom to top: “Lady & The Tramp” – Georgia June, “Lady Luck” – Lynsey Jones, “Lady Liberty” – Leslie Kitten, & “Lady Bug” – SuAnn Simon