Destination Portraits – Ruidoso, New Mexico

With over a million acres of forest and wilderness surrounding Ruidoso, New Mexico, it is the perfect setting for awe-inspiring portraits of you and your family.

Savant Photographic Artistry is offering you the opportunity to join us in Ruidoso for destination portraits!  Whether it is your family, an engagement session or a graduating senior, imagine the serenity of the Lincoln National Forest being the backdrop for your portraits!

June 16-20th and August 5-9th Leslie Ann Kitten will be taking her talents to New Mexico to provide you with memories that will become heirlooms in your family.

Session fees: $200

Travel Fee: $100

 (If you get at least two other people to book sessions that fee is waived!  So invite your friends!)

Minimum Order: $1,000

            Only four hours from Lubbock, this is an opportunity you cannot pass up to get your own portrait in one of the most unique environments in the United States!

You can choose to do your investment session in Ruidoso or join us in our Lubbock studio after we return from Ruidoso.

If you have any further questions, email Leslie at or call at (806) 239-3227.

Learn more about Ruidoso by clicking here.

Lincoln National Forest

The Nicest Groom Ever

Meet Marie and Joel. We had such a fun shoot, and it was so nice and relaxing to be able to shoot one more time before Georgia gets here. I am glad it was with these two, because Joel would help me get up off of the ground and down from whatever I climbed to get the perfect shot. Thanks guys! I can’t wait for you to see the rest.

They will be getting married in my home town of Ruidoso!

Personal note: Georgia should be here any day, so I am starting maternity leave. I will be returning phone calls and e-mails, but please be patient with me since I know that I am going to want to spend as much time with Nick and our newborn.

Mandy and Albert

Mandy is one of my oldest friends. We went to school together when I lived in Ruidoso, New Mexico and I bet that I don’t have one birthday party picture without her in it.

Obviously, we still talk and I was so happy when she said that she was getting married! Albert is a great guy when I look at them I often think that this is what my parents must have been like when they were young. I think that is because he is a cop in Ruidoso and so was my dad.

We had an awesome engagement shoot. Mandy, Albert and the senery were all so great, how could we not have a great shoot?!